Singer, producer, DJ, label head, radio host: Anané Vega’s musical abilities are not to be underestimated.
A true music powerhouse, her knowledge of deep and soulful house is unparalleled and breadth of work astounding.

Born in Cape Verde, a former Portuguese colony off the coast of West Africa, Anané Vega and her family relocated to the US in search of new life while she was still young. From working in a factory to waitressing, Anané quickly developed a strong work ethic, and eventually saved enough money to move to New York, where she would begin her career.

Once in New York, Anané was quickly scouted out by Click Model Agency, before she turned her hand to dance and theatre. It was during this time that she met Louie Vega, one half of the world-renowned production duo Masters At Work, who she would eventually marry and work closely with throughout her career.

Since 2003, Anané has appeared on various EPs, both as a singer and producer: ‘Nos Vida’ (Nervous Records, 2003); ‘Let Me Love You’ (Vega Records, 2005); ‘Amazing Love’ (Vega Records, 2005); ‘Shake Dat Booty’ (Net’s Work International, 2007) and ‘Let’s Get High’ (Vega Records, 2009), to name but a few.

In 2006, Anané released her debut album, ‘Ananéselections’: a mixture of dance, reggae, rock, soul, world and Caribbean influences. Her second album, AnanésWorld was released on Nervous Records in 2010.

Her work as a DJ began at the SubMercer, an intimate venue beneath Soho’s Mercer Hotel. Combining the afro-tech sound that her record label Nulu Music has helped popularize with a number of her own recordings, Anané’s sets offer a totally new experience due to the performance she gives, often singing and dancing to the music.

Described by Billboard Magazine as “combining earthiness with glamour and roots-deep house music knowledge with pop wise diversity,” Anané has since made appearances at Japan’s Blue Note Festival, Europe’s Montreux Jazz Festival, Finland’s Pori Jazz, Holland’s North Sea Jazz Festival, Cape Town’s Jazz and, of course, London’s 51st State Festival.

Alongside Nulu Music, she heads up the record label Nulu Electronic. Both labels combined boast an impressive 50 releases and celebrate the works of artists from all parts of Africa, US and Europe, bringing the afro and electronic sound to a the masses.

Since 2010, Anané and Louie have also been the creative forces behind the Sunset Ritual brand, an outdoor party held at prestigious beach clubs around the world and drenched in the sounds of house, global disco, afro tech and old skool. Sunset Ritual has toured the Mediterranean every summer since 2010, including a two-year residency at the Blue Marlin beach club in Ibiza. The duo also released their first Sunset Ritual compilation in 2014, both bringing their distinct and mutually enriching styles to the table.

This summer Anané Vega will be appearing on 51st State Festival’s headline stage along with Louie Vega, who’ll be DJing as part of Masters At Work. If you haven’t had a chance to catch her yet, don’t miss out this time round.