Saturday, 29 September 2012

As We Countdown To Groove Odyssey 3Rd Birthday Party Check This Interview From Our One Of Our Special Guest "KERRI CHANDLER"

We would like to get a subtle flavour of the musical environment you grew up in. For someone who doesn’t know, what is it about New Jersey and the New Jersey sound?

ANS New Jersey is gospel based. We were always trying to escape with music because there was nothing else to do.

Q: Could you describe for me the music that defines the New Jersey sound?

ANS: Its music from the soul created from our awareness.. An expression of who and where we were.. Our own version of the blues. Music was and is the background to our lives.
Q: Was there a distinction between the New York and New Jersey sounds?

ANS: New Jersey was more influenced by gospel where as New York was more influenced by the site, sounds, and energy of the city.
Q: You became a DJ from a very young age. Did you have much opportunity to enjoy clubs from a punter’s perspective? What were those clubs? Who were the DJs?

ANS: Nell's, 1018, Shelter, Mars, Octogon, Zanzibar, the Garage, Club America, Rallye Racket Club with far too many DJ's to name.
Q: What have been your favourite or most memorable clubbing experiences?
ANS: All of the above, but if youre talking specifically about Ireland then it would be Sir Henry's and you just had to be there.

Q: Why was it house and not hip-hop which captured your heart?

ANS:  I could express my personality, my thoughts, my ideas, in a way that suited me best. I found an inner peace with it.

Q: Your debut single was signed to Atlantic. Did working with a major label appeal to you?

ANS: It was the right time, right place, right circumstances and I learned a lot while I was there. It didn't feel like a major label. It was like a family. I met  Jerome Sydenham and Merlin Bob there. They were the A&R reps at Atlantic. I still consider them family.

Q: Was a major label career path on the table for you? Was there a moment where you had to make a choice between major label “success” and keeping it underground?

ANS:I never really had to choose. I started my label and had both. It really just depended on the project.

Q: You’ve won respect and admiration wherever your music has been available and wherever you’ve played, but I’m not aware of you receiving official kudos, apart from winning Best Deep House DJ at the International DJ Awards. Congratulations on that. What was your reaction to being nominated & How do you reflect on the award now?
ANS: I was humbled by the nomination  and if it helps anyone in the deep house category get ahead I'm all for it.

Q: The fact that this was awarded in Ibiza signals a change the island’s musical tastes. Does it mean deep house is finally getting its dues?

ANS: I think it's coming around in cycles. I'm glad it's being recognized

Q: How in-demand have you been as a remixer? Do you get asked to do a lot or have you found yourself passing up loads?
ANS: I'm on the road so much... I'd  really like to do more of my own production rather than remixes but it's just a matter of having enough time. I am asked  to do remixes quite often but again, it's always a matter of enough time to get into the studio...

Q: What attracts you to do a remix and what are the reasons you wouldn’t do one?

ANS:I have to like the artist- their message, their sound... It's always about the music, always.

Q: There are certain trance or techno DJs who are celebrated for their use of and embrace of technology in the software and hardware they use live but you’ve really innovated and pushed things in the manner you’ve made your performances more interactive and truly live. Is there a way you can take it further? Do you have a vision for what your ultimate live performance might be?

ANS: I'm always looking for the next thing and the newest innovation to express  and move my thoughts forward. It can be as small as two turntables or as large as a full orchestra. If its accessible and inspires me then I'm going to use it to my full advantage.

Q: What has been the golden age of house music for you?

ANS: I'm still looking for it..

Q: Has there been a time which you felt was a low period for house?

ANS: No, but I can see that for record sales.

Q: Your appearance in Cork last year was the highlight of the local clubbing calendar, how can that be topped by this year's performance?
ANS: It's all about the people and the vibe that they bring to the club. That and the amount of time I have at the venue. The more time I have the more I can vibe with the crowd, then I can throw in a few surprises!

Q: What do you reminisce about?
ANS:I dont. I smile about the past but I'm always looking toward the future. I feel the best is yet to come.