Thursday, 24 October 2013

As we build up to our Groove Odyssey 4th Birthday Party check out this QnA from Bobby and Steve, as they catch up with one of our special guests  DJ "Terry Hunter"

: How and when did you start Djing

A: I started djing at about 12years old but it was because of my father who was a record player at bar & he use to own when I was a kid, and he played all sorts of soul & disco music at that time.
Q: What artistes or djs from the past have inspired you along the way.

A: Hmmmm artist I would have to say Marvin Gaye Stevie Wonder Isaac Hayes James Brown to many to name but Djs defiantly Frankie Knuckles & Ron Hardy were big inspiration for me and a host of other local Chicago jocks when I was coming up.   
Q: Name the best club in Chicago from the past or present and why.

A: Past I was say the Humming Bird which was a adult club but very popular for teenagers in the 80's Sauers was crazy Power Plant, Music Box Chicago was incredible back then that what made House music what it is today... and now I would say the Shrine night club because I have my Bang Sunday night residency there and it's one of the biggest house nights in Chicago.
Q: You've travelled the globe spreading your love for soulful house music, but if you had to pick one place, where would that place be and why.

A: That's hard to pick one I mean I couldn't... It's between London, Italy & Japan. I have so much history in those places so there is 3 I hope that ok :)
Q: True or false, house music was born in Chicago.

A: 1000% TRUE and who ever say it's not is a lier and the truth ain't in you as my grandma would say lol..
Just do your history and you will see.
Q: Name 3 of your all time house classics.
A: Awwww c'mon with naming just 1 place and 3 songs impossible!!! Lol but I'll try ok... Chip E "It's House" Marshall Jefferson " Move Your Body" Armando "151"
Q: What's the best record you've produced and why.

A: Wow!!! I think all of them are great in it own right but my favorite at the moment is Terisa Griffin "Wonderful" I knew it was gonna be a huge record when we cut it I the studio.

Q: Best London clubs you've played at and why.

A: Man... Feel the rhythm that was a night at Club Heaven that was the 1st club I ever played at it change my life & Garage City ohhh man those times were so special you didn't have all the politics & bull*hit just good music & great Djs.
Q: How long has your residency and night Bang been going for in Chicago and why a Sunday night.

A: Bang is going on 3years in December it has been great!!! I chose a Sunday night because I didn't wanna start a night where I couldn't really commit because of my traveling schedules so I thought Sunday would be great because I return home then... but I should have put more thought in it because when I get home on Sunday from a long trip I have to turn around and play that night it's exhausting but worth it.
Q: Your part of the annual Chosen Few picnic weekend In Chicago, how many years has that been running for and how many people is it attracting now.

A: Yes one if the biggest events of its kind in the world!!! Been going now for 23years it happens the first weekend in July & this past year we had 50,000 people and growing.
Q. What could the crowd look forward to from you at Groove Odyssey's 4th birthday.

A: I just plan to play good music i hate all the sub genre that we have in music now... There's 2kinds of music good music and bad music & I will do my best to play nothing but good music which I know the groove odyssey crowd is looking forward to hearing.

Terry Hunter flies in Exclusively for Groove Odyssey 4th Birthday party on Sat 9th November Fire London, alongside Joey Negro, PA - Bucie, Atjazz, Jazzie B (Soul II Soul) and Bobby & Steve , All info on www.grooveodyssey.com or facebook event link :http://on.fb.me/14R9fD1