"Release" Wipe The Needle FEAT: Dawn Tallman

Wipe The Needle ft Dawn Tallman
produced and arranged by L Gomez
Keys by M chiavarini
music written by L Gomez & M Chiavarini
Lead & Background vocals by D Tallman
Vocals written by Dawn Tallman Tallmax music (sesac)
and Glenn Thornton Slagg compose (sesac)
Vocals recorded/engineered at The slagg dungeon, Burlington NJ
Executive Producer Michael Hughes

Groove Odyssey records are proud to release this soulful nugget from London producer Lee Gomez aka Wipe The Needle (WTN). With three singles on the Groove Odyssey Sessions Vol 1 compilation, this will be the first single release from WTN on the label featuring the vocal talents of the legendary Dawn Tallman.
The song is entitled ‘Release’ and has been written by Dawn Tallman and Glenn Thornton from Slagg records, and produced by Lee Gomez WTN with the talented Michele Chiavarini on keyboard duties. ‘Release’ is a classy soulful excursion with some solid drums and percussion.