DJ Spen & Haniei “NO GOOD FOR YOU”

To describe "No Good for You" as a soothing, soulful, driving, lyrical collaboration centered in a melodic, intricate mesh of rhythm and song would be an understatement. Groove Odyssey is known for all of the above characteristics and adding Dj Spen & Hanliei to their ranks is nothing but icing on a well made cake.

This song fully encompasses what soulful dance music is all about; love and emotion. This package contains an Original mix that captures all the elements necessary to hurl dance floors into a ‘sing along’ frenzy. Placed alongside DJ Spen & Soulfuledge remixes this package contains effervescent, yet bouncing grooves that will excite audiences in every way possible.

Don't be fooled, "No Good For You" is actually the best thing for you!!!! Taste and see.