Paris Cesvette’s long awaited and truly inspirational debut album has reached number one in the Traxsource soulful house charts.
Its success follows in the footsteps of Paris’s first single ‘Sacred’ featuring Josh Milan, which also hit the number one spot at the end of last month.

For those of you who are yet to check it out, Celestial is a true reflection of Paris’s journey through life and her career, and brings with it a sense of love and purpose.

Aptly named ‘Celestial’, the album’s star studded credits include the likes of Will Downing, Mikie Blak, Omar, JUNIOR and Dawn Tallman, all of whom step up to the mark to bring their own unique style and contribution to table.

Reciting the lyrics to Earth Wind & Fire and Jodeci before she knew her ABCs, Paris has been living and breathing music since her infancy. After undertaking classical training as a kid, she got a job at record label and agency MN2S, which introduced her to a whole new world of international DJs and clublife. It was also at MN2S that Paris wrote her first ever song for an established artist, which became her first Traxsource release. This sealed the deal and her decision to make and play real house music was made.

Speaking exclusively to Groove Odyssey last month, Paris said “whether you enjoy your music in the middle of a dancefloor or chilling at home with a glass of wine or a cup of tea, there is something for everyone to relate to and share me, my passion and story.”

“My role as the producer and the visionary is that it my job to make their sound become our sound and among all of us we are like stars in a constellation, together we make one and that what makes this Celestial, My Journey Among Stars complete.”

You can check out and purchase Paris’s brand new album here. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

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