Since the early ’90’s, Stephanie Cooke has been a name synonymous with soulful, sultry house music. Her angelic voice and defined style has been a consistent sound in the genre since that time and has become one that is recognized globally for it’s affect on all who experience it’s charm.

Ms. Cooke was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey to a mother who believed in God and taught her to value life, love and relationships. These are evident to listeners everywhere who adore her melodic style of writing and arranging as she graces each track sweetly caressing vocally her interpretations of life through song.

During her early years, she knew nothing about music beyond the fact that she loved the way music carried her away from pain, and abuses of life. This love for music drew her to her church choir, where she learned the basic principals of arrangement and technique. Later, she began singing with her High School Choir, where the music teacher began to implement a deeper level of training vocally and develop a range for her, ultimately causing her to come into her own singing style.

In her early 20’s, just by chance she wrote a song that later was featured during one of ASCAP’s songwriter’s workshops, and that’s where her writing career began. This led to multiple offers for publishing deals, songs on many albums, remixes and tours with other artists doing backgrounds.

The list of Producers and Artists is vast, but to name a few, Jermaine Dupri, All-Star, Soulshock and Carlin, Aretha Franklin, Chante Moore, Jody Watley, Tyrese Gibson, Diana Ross, Kool & the Gang and many up and coming artists and producers. She has also had songs in movies like The Sixth Man, and Prison Song.

Ms. Cooke went on to do a solo album project on Kingstreet Sounds entitled “Everything.” Although the album was released some years ago, it is not uncommon to hear any of those songs still being play in regular rotation by many dj’s across the globe and on radio shows everywhere. The project boasted the talents of some of dance musics greatest producers, Louie Vega, Blaze, DJ Spinna, Frankie Feliciano, Dennis Ferrer and more.

These days, Ms. Cooke is still going strong writing singing with the same passion as when she first began her career, only now with more experience, more passion, more depth. Her latest heart felt works include such show stoppers as “One for Me,” produced by Jonny Montana, “Fly” produced by Gene King, “This Time,” produced by Groove Assassin, and that’s just a drop in the bucket.

This is the season of growth, newness, freedom of expression, evolution and completeness for this widely talented artist. Only great things on the horizon.