Barbara Tucker

Barbara Tucker

Heralded as the Queen of House Barbara Tucker’s induction into the world of music came in the mid 80s via the late Walter Gibbins with the Harlequin Four and later at the hands of Tommy Musto and Victor Simonelli in the early 90s, who used her vocals on a range of their products. Her delivery and visual presence soon established her as an icon of New York’s gay/Hi-NRG scene. In the UK it was the soul/ house cut, ‘Beautiful People’, which utilised the ‘Deep Deep Inside’ hook from Hardrive’s track of the same name, remixed by C.J. Mackintosh, which gave her an audience. The song was produced by Lil’ Louie Vega, whom she met through her partner Dom Welch, a Billboard reporter of the Underground Network Club in New York. The cast of backing singers reflected the esteem she is held in within that community, numbering Michael Watford, India and Ten City’s Byron Stingily within their ranks.

The multi-talented dance music icon has been going strong in the industry for 34 years singing, choreographing as well as promoting events and shows no sign of letting up. Brooklyn born she hails from a musical background, with her Father Jayotis Washington of The Persuasions having a big influence on her (he performed recently on “The View” for Whoopie Goldberg). Her artistry has allowed her to work with artists such as Wycleff Jean, George Clinton. Grand Master Flash, the Pet Shop Boys and even front for King of Disco Cerrone (where she was a guest on France’s TV show the X-Factor) and every top producer in the scene.

Barbara has impacted the dance scene nationally and internationally receiving awards and #1s from Billboard, Traxsource and Beatport. Two of her recent sampled works are on Kanye Wests “Fade” album “Deep Inside” & “Lifted”.  “Deep Inside” also appeared on a Carolina Herrera commercial as well as a version of her song “Respect” featuring on a Pepsi Superbowl commercial, sung by X-Factor winner Melanie Amaro. Currently she has an upcoming release coming out on Groove Odyssey Records with London’s Bobby&Steve entitled “Lovers Escapade” as well as many other productions and remixes in constant flow with the likes of Carl Cox, Erick Morillo and Todd Terry.

The leading diva of dance has held residencies in Ibiza, Spain since 2001 including Glitterbox, Blue Marlin, Children of the 80s, as well as her “We Are All House” parties. She hosts the Groove Odyssey stage of the 51st State festival in London, annually and has done live performances all over the globe. Barbara is a sensational entertainer that truly captures the essence of live performance. Her shows are extremely intense with her captivating voice and phenomenal stage presence.

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