Sending good vibes to Louie for his Grammy Nomination

Sending good vibes to Louie for his Grammy Nomination

Louie has been nominated in the best remix category for “Praying For You” by Jasper Street Company. This track is released on the legendary Nervous Records and certainly deserves this global acclaim.

As one of the longest standing independent record labels in the US, Nervous Records, in their own words, "has built its reputation through a willingness to take chances on new sounds and new producers."

From the mid 1980's Little Louie Vega has long since progressed to become a Music Producer, Global DJ, Songwriter and has performed at international events, initially as part of the Masters at Work collective with Kenny Dope and then as a formidable solo artist.

As part of Louie's global exposure, Massive events in the UK include parties with promoters such as Groove Odyssey at clubs to include Ministry of Sound and festivals such as the annual 51st State event that attracts tens of thousands of people who are connoisseurs for top quality music.

Louie Vega also hosts a weekly show on the internationally acclaimed House FM each Friday at 6pm GMT

As a previous winner of the Grammys, Louie Vega certainly deserves full success with this beauty of a track and to show your support watch here at the home of the Grammy Awards on Sunday 14th March 2021.

To hear a preview of the track and purchase a copy it is now available on Traxsource

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