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FREEDOM OF DANCE (IT THE BEAT)- BRUTHA LOUIE & BRUTHA BASIL It’s dark. It’s hot. The bass tickles your ears and rattles the beaten dance floor. You ask yourself what is going on? You suddenly realize you’re thinking too much. The beat has clear instructions. Dance. Forget. And love. Dance. Forget more. Love more. Dance. Love. Love. Love. There you go ; ) Freedom Of Dance (It’s The Beat) by Brutha Louie & Brutha Basil is produced by The Master of House Music, Louie Vega and featuring vocals by Dj, Poet, and Artist Basil. The song is rhythmically blessed, hypnotic and unapologetic about its allegiance to the essence of house and dance music. Vega tastefully omits electronic dance music buildups and frantic fist pumps. Vega’s music is more cultured and infinitely funkier. It invites you on a journey with pleasant plot twists while keeping you and your friends movin’ and vibin’. The latest release by Groove Odyssey Records (license courtesy of Vega Records) starts with a confident percussive arrangement and a hypnotic deep sub-sonic bassline. Basil uses a robotic and monotone sound on his voice repeatedly saying, “The beat, It’s the beat, The Freedom of Dance”. The chant’s repetition is front and center. It masks the buildup happening in the background. The combination is genius! Because before you know it, the rhythm has fully escalated and the party is in full force. This type of patience in production is undervalued. Other musical genres in dance music have popularized massive beat builds and drops that send everyone into a frenzy. However, that brand of music is overly reliant on electronic production. When’s the last time you heard actual horn hits and a flute give a song life and energy? In Freedom of Dance, Thomas’ vocals literally speak to you while the instruments add accents and intonation. Vega uses music as a communication vehicle. His latest release is about letting music give you life and provide direction, thanks to the clever Basil lyrics and Vega arrangements. If the horns and flute wasn’t enough, there is the intoxicating keyboard and clarinet solo by Vega’s frequent collaborator, Axel Tosca. Together, the instruments blend in a dance pot that makes listeners want to let loose and crave more instruments. Over the years Vega has become synonymous for pairing falsettos with classic dance music to produce monster hits. In this song, his approach is different. The song is naked and honest. Its primitiveness is why fans should give a listen. Vega has his ears up against all of the world’s dance floors and is clearly communicating something new to his audience with his latest release. He is stripping down the essence of house music and bring back listeners to the genre’s origins, the roots. It’s not about fancy studios or production software, it’s about music bringing people together to enjoy life and dance the night into the early morning. It’s rare Louie Vega in action, so listen while you can. Be sure to pick up Freedom Of Dance (It’s The Beat) by Brutha Louie & Brutha Basil at all participating retailers & digital outlets. There will be vinyl as well!! The new collaboration - Groove Odyssey Records & Vega Records join forces to give you raw street house music at its finest. Collect your sonic memory now! Produced by Louie Vega Lead Vocal: Basil Thomas Mix & Recording Engineer: Yas Inoue Keyboards, Organ: Axel Tosca Synth Bass: Louie Vega Recorded & Mixed at Daddy’s Workshop, NJ Mastered by Walter Coelho Art by Richard Wilson Graphic Design by Matt Signor

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