Chapter Of Becoming... Anane

Chapter Of Becoming... Anane

Billboard magazine describes her as 'combining earthiness with glamour and roots - deep afro-house music knowledge with pop wise diversity, Anane, Cape Verdean born dj / singer / songwriter, a blessed chameleon, has accomplished a great number of milestones, which includes singing the opening song 'One Dream' at Super Bowl XLI with Louie Vega & their group Elements Of Life, special invited DJ at Obama's Ambassadors Inaugural Ball in Washington, her DJ residency with her night 'The Ritual' at Heart in Ibiza, her Nulu Movement residency at LeBain NYC, a full length solo album and CEO of her own imprints

Nulu & Nulu Electronic which boasts nearly 100 impressive releases and signing artists from all parts of Africa, Europe, and South America. Whether DJ'ing, recording in studios, songwriting or singing live with the Elements Of Life, Anane has utilised all of these platforms to express herself freely.

2020, 17 years later since her first studio session she has a repertoire of over 50 recordings and has toured the world many times over. Today she has come together with Vega Records (the label of her first ever release) with her new
project, 'Chapters Of Becoming.Anane, which transcends through her
evolution of the artist and woman she is today.

A collection of her hottest originals, remixes and new remixes by Manoo, Mike Dunn (also a cameo vocal), David Morales (with an Unreleased Mix), and a special Detroit re-work by 'Godson' AKA Rick Wilhite.

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